Address: Rm. Valcea , str. Stolniceni, nr. 219

Established since 1995

Leading a group of 4 companies

The board of directors has 4 people

CEO Tudora Octavian

The group of companies

1. SC Prelchim SRL - design, construction, repair and maintenance of electrical networks.

2. SC Promat Com Divers SRL - production of metal structures, electrical panels, selling a large variety of products.

3. SC Elcoprest SRL - repair and maintenance of electrical installations.

4. SC Elcoprest Construct SRL - construction of civil and industrial buildings.

Domains of expertise

- Design and build electrical open air transmission lines and underground lines of low, medium and high voltage from 0,4kV to 400kV.

- Maintenance, equipment assembling, special construction works, repairs and hydrophobic protection of concrete poles in electrical stations of 20Kv-110Kv, 220Kv and 400Kv.

- Production and assembly of electrical distribution boards and electrical panels.

- Clearing the land below electrical open air transmission lines in order to maintain safe walkways.

- Civil and industrial constructions.

- Works of water supply pipes and sewerage.

- Production of base coats and dyes.

- Production of metal structures.

- Production of ballast sorting products.